Digital processes will navigate you into an illusion of progress, pulling you apart from the possibility of possibilities. Your creative play leads inspiration towards prosperity, thickening your ability to forge idiosyncrasy in your craft while harmoniously influencing souls surrounded. Stray away from the binary plane that is digital, break away from linear processes that will lead you to a fallacy of understanding within your craft. Drive your creativity into an expansive world that you do not understand, a descent from col-de-sac to col-de-sac will not only lead you to dead ends in your journey but an alley of blindness within your creative pursuit. Open your eyes into the past and grasp a time where pen and paper were superlative in the process of creation, comprehend its value to where it has lead us, absorb its value to where it can lead you.

Jump aside digital processes, break away from its austere ascendancy and accompany an abandoned genre within your field like a toddler taking their very first steps, fall down, get back up and fall back down again. Make your mistakes with pride, absorb everything there is to learn, then learn more, learn from the bad mistakes but relish from the good mistakes. Broaden your ability to solve problems through exploration, play with new directions and see where they will lead you, become inspired through this play and then make more mistakes, mistakes will lead you into uncharted territory of the unknown, the unknown is not scary, approach the unknown with a venturesome mindset.

Having physical validation of development emanates certainty and compliance to conventional analogue processes. Characteristic distinction within the climate of technology has you unwillingly producing mass quantities of similarity, analogue techniques inherit anticipation within a drawn-out task from point A to point B, fortunate serendipity that arises from this drawn-out process initiates division from what was anticipated to what was astonished. Split your narrow attention to detail aside for now and experience, empower leadership through the senses, feel your craft, see your craft, smell your craft, taste your craft, become aware of what you do through a broad sense of sensory that opens a door into the contemporary.

Laying your craft upon a world of ones and zeros suffocates your ability to try something new, going from point A to point B becomes a universal process for the majority, but to sink to the bottom of this creative ocean is to sink to the bottom of despair for what could have been. What could have been? an answer to which will be left unanswered to those who do not live for exploration, so explore possibilities beyond what you think you are capable of, explore different paths that direct you beyond A's and B's and then you will become inspired. Exploring possibilities is to open yourself to the unknown, pick up a tool of the unfamiliar and place yourself into a new world of creation, become inspired through this play of the unknown and turn possibilities into prospection.

Learn to trust yourself, become lenient to self observational habits, remember where you are to reward yourself for when you arrive. Arrive to the aforementioned inspiration through other artists, surround yourself with not positive but real ideologies that scream soul and ambition, surround yourself with insights into creative endeavours that scream sincere certainty that ignites a tremendous flame of motivation you thought was unobtainable. Be guided down this variable path of inspiration into locale originality where you develop thoughts into action, where play turns into a pleasurable industry of evolution in your craft, like a blossoming flower in a deserted wasteland, you will find creative solitary intent within an abandoned analogue enactment.

Condemn perfection, the preponderance of your creative pursuit needs to be carried by your own soul. Flood your play with love, like as a sea disembogues into an ocean your love and passion within your craft leads play into expression. Reflect yourself in your work through expression and your work will transfigure into an embodiment of soul. Search for distinction in your craft by searching for what makes you distinct, implementing soul into your work makes your creative outcome have character. Characteristics of self are what makes you different, it is what makes you unique, it is what rewards you with a tool of divergence to be utilised as an important instrument within your craft, it is what makes you, you. To condemn perfection in your craft is to observe and celebrate imperfection within yourself. Perfection is unobtainable, it will lead you into a state of discouragement and dejection, as no one can be perfect how can you approach your craft with nothing but manifested excellence. Finding your inspiration through play upon a digital practice lays your direction upon a value of precise and detailed software, by experimenting with analogue process of an abandoned genre is where your process of play indicates vulnerable possibilities that communicate a veracious soul.

To do something with love, to do something with pleasure, to do something with passion, to do something with devotion, to do something with undivided attention, to do something with soul. Pursue inspiration through your play with a mindset of meraki, love your craft, have a passion for your craft, devote yourself to your craft, be present in your craft, reflect soul into your craft. Within an endeavour for inspiration, a mentality and precedence of meraki will guide you into making mistakes that reflect sincerity and value. Laying meraki aside your play will lead you down paths that direct your creative focus towards prosperity. The beginnings of your creative workflow become tainted with depreciated appraise through digital processes, to find inspiration through play is to value the action, proceed with your endeavour to find inspiration through a process of the physical. Become aware of the advantages of the physical but more importantly become aware of the disadvantages of the digital, to place a mindset of meraki within your craft is to place yourself within your craft, express yourself through an appropriate medium that does not transcribe ones and zeros but transcribes humanism.
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